Friday, February 23, 2007

12-14 Months

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The Family

First Steps

Football... Zzzzzz

Titi and Me

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you, Nana!

Getting So Big!

Palomar Mountain

So Unenthusiastic

Palomar Observatory

I'm 1 Year Old!

Welcome to my birthday party. You can place the gifts over there.

1st Birthday Girl Shirt. Thank you, Nana!

My First Baby Doll

Nana, Me, and My First Birthday Cake

With My Cousin Bella



Balboa Park

Easter Pictures

The Pointer

Disneyland! - Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

It's a Small World - She loved it. Really.

Fun, Interactive, New Ride!

Looking so cool, Commander

The Bubble Mower is a Hit (even without the bubbles)

Trade Show - Can I Drive, Dad?

Cousin Bella

First Chuck E Cheese Adventure

Outta My Way!

Red Neck Baby

With My Cousin, Logan