Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 2

Random Acts of Weirdness

Taylor re-discovered the drawer with her old baby stuff in it. She wanted to try on all the infant socks and bibs. I think the only time she ever wore a bib was the first time she tried solid foods, so to her it was like a dress up item.

On a side note: Today Taylor did a #2 for the first time in her potty! An hour later she peed on the floor.

Bella's Birthday Party

Stud in Corner

Tyson's such a great big cousin

Hawt Mamas

All hail Chuck-E?

Adventures in Potty Training

We've been working on the potty training for many months now, although not consistently, as we have taken the philosophy, "she'll do it when she's ready". We bought her "princess panties" a couple months ago, hoping to entice her. She held on to the package in the store, not knowing anything more than that what she held had familiar Disney characters on it. When we got home we unwrapped them and presented them to her to wear. She wanted no part of it. She screamed the first few attempts at putting them on. I think I got her to wear them over her diaper one day for a couple hours. Since then, however, they have remained in the drawer, venturing out only for Elmo or Cookie Monster to wear when she came across them from time to time. Until yesterday...

Yesterday, to my surprise, she asked for them. Out of the blue, after taking a bath, she asked for her "princess panties". WOW! Finally, after suffering through months of potty videos containing such unforgettable hits as "No More Diapers for Me" and "No More Dirty Diapers". Seriously, those songs haunt me on my pillow at night. So, it was with great enthusiasm I embraced her request. She seemed equally excited, as you can tell from this photo. In fact, she enjoyed her panties so much that she switched between her two favorite pairs for the next 6 hours. She'd remark proudly of her panties, "Just like 'Potty Power'!" (Yes, the name of one of her training videos.) Every few minutes I would remind her to tell me if she had to go "pee-pee" so she could go on the potty. She would sometimes go to the potty and sit on it for a few minutes, but nothing ever happened. You can imagine after the second hour of asking I began to ask more frequently. After 4 hours of no pee-pee, I thought for sure we were getting close. At five hours she asked for a diaper, so I put her on the potty again. Nothing. At the 6th hour it was 9:00 PM and time for bed. Since she sleeps next to me in our bed still, I was not about to let her stay in her "princess panties". After trying one more time on the potty, I put that diaper on.

Needless to say, it was only a couple minutes before the pee-pee came.

We'll try again today.

Update: She had her panties on all day today. Again, I kept asking her if she had to go and sitting her on the potty regularly. Again, she managed to hold it a full six hours, this time until 4:00 PM. Six hours must be her bladder limit! I knew the moment she came to me asking for a "wipe" that she had had an accident. And this just minutes after sitting her on the potty for another try. She has yet to go #2 today, which is highly unusual for her. One good thing though is that she hates the feeling of the wet panties. This is a positive, since she hasn't much minded sitting in dirty diapers.

Back on the horse...

Monday, January 05, 2009


Christmas Gifts

Old Photo from Church's Chili Cook-off