Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 2

You Are My Sunshine

Taylor was having fun peering through the handle of this paper bag, so I took some pictures.

Fixing the Car

Trying out the Macro

I was in the backyard the other day sizing up the damage that the last few wet winter months have caused. Along with an influx of weeds, the grass we planted last Spring finally sprouted. It is well over a foot tall in parts. (Yes, three men living in this house and our "lawn" still never gets mowed.) The annuals we put in last fall died, but those unsightly wildflowers that I regret planting have flourished. I realize now that there is a reason they call them "wild". The ones I wanted to sprout didn't (Cosmos, Columbine, Foxglove, Larkspur), but of course, the ugly white Alyssum did. They are pretty weedy looking and do not at all fit in with the tropicals. I found a good use for them though. I've been wanting to try out the Macro feature on our camera and they made for some good photography.

Here are the Snapdragons...

I was pretty impressed with the camera's performance. These shots were taken with the lens about an inch away. I gave up the use of manual lens adjustment for the convenience of a point and shoot once I had Taylor, but I miss being able to choose my focal length. The macro feature on this camera gives me a tiny bit of that control back.

I discovered many things are more beautiful when you take a closer look. The ugly Assylum isn't so ugly in Macro.

I cropped a piece out of the picture above just to see how much detail the camera was able to pick up. The closer you get, the more beautiful the Assylum gets.

Even grass and leaves becomes sorta interesting...

Not sure what these are called.

The Clivia finally bloomed. This photo makes the flowers look large, but in reality, they are only about 3 inches wide.

A Calla Lily preparing to open...

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