Monday, December 07, 2009

Kora - Our Other Child

We love Kora. All of us do. In fact, the one who was against getting a cat at all, might just love her the most.

Kora is part of the family. She wants to be a part of everything that is happening. When we were painting our pumpkin, there she was laying on the newspaper and batting at the paint brushes. When Taylor gets a new toy, she's right there to experience it. Unfortunately, it also means when I am folding the laundry, she wants to lay on my towels; and when I am cooking I have to lock her in another room to keep her from jumping on the counter;

And it also means that she has laid claim to our Christmas tree...

The day that it was brought in I quickly couldn't wait for the day I will be tearing it down. Seriously, I can't imagine two more weeks of her knocking off the ornaments and basically living inside of it - shredding it to pieces and just making a huge mess of it. We had to tie it to a piece of furniture to keep her from tipping it over.

But we love her. She is as fearless as she is friendly and easy-going. She will accept love from anyone and even when she could fit in the palm of our hands, she was chasing after our Rott/Akita, Bailey, to play. She loves that dog - she never tires of chasing him around, but he can only tolerate her for so long before he begs to be let outside for some peace. She does the same to Taylor; hiding under the bed and coming out for a sneak attack. It's amazing how gentle she is with Taylor. Her attacks seem to be so vicious, the way she runs and jumps at her with ears turned back, but she is careful with her claws on her and her bites are always soft.

Since Taylor doesn't have a sibling, Kora gets a lot of attention, and a lot of 3 year old torture. Despite being carried, poked, and laid on, and having her tail pulled, she has never lost her temper. I have heard that Siamese cats can be temperamental, so I feel blessed that Kora has settled into a special place in our family.

She is just what I wanted, and more than Kennedy expected a cat could be.

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