Monday, February 08, 2010

Sharing is Caring

One of the qualities I most wanted to foster in Taylor was a spirit of love - a heart of compassion, caring, thoughtfulness, and consideration of others. I am not always the best example, but I do my best and pray and watch as the days go by. It warms my soul when I catch her exhibiting uncoerced love.

Right now she is all about sharing. It has become her obsession. In fact, she will split her cookies 3 ways to make sure there is enough for Mommy and Daddy. Even if we refuse and tell her she can have the whole thing, she will nibble on it for 20 minutes and ask 15 times, "are you really full, Mommy?" to make sure that there isn't a possibility that she would be eating a portion that could be shared. Also, if her and I are sharing the last of a treat while daddy is at work, you can be sure she will insist we save a bite for Daddy. This is really a great thing for me to see her so serious about, since she is an only child and sharing hasn't been a lesson she's been forced to learn yet.

So, when she was halfway through her last lollipop from a Valentine party she went to, it was no surprise that she said she was saving the rest for Daddy. She put it on the desk, determined that Daddy would have the rest when he got home from work. I asked her if I could have a lick. She said, "Yes, but you have to save some for Daddy."

That lollipop must have been quite tempting, however, because it wasn't long before she came back for more.

I said to her, "I thought you were saving that for Daddy."

She thought about it, put the sucker down and asks, "He will share some with me, right Mom?"

I laughed, "Yes, he will share some with you, but I think it would be okay if you ate it all."

She picked the sucker back up, "I will just lick it, okay, Mom." (By this time she had bit some of the sucker off, so I guess she resolved to only lick.)

"I will just lick it, so Dad can bite it."

What daddy could say no to that. :)

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