Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disney and Birthday Memories...

Disney Video

Okay, so here it finally is. I thought the best way to capture our Disney trips was to make a video and set it to classic Disney tunes. We know Taylor probably won't remember any of it, so this will be a nice memento for her, and it's a way for family to share in the experience.

Be sure to have your volume turned up!

Finally Three!

Beautiful Emma

Can't believe how fast she's growing up!

Opening Aunt Lauralee's B-day Gifts

(Remnants of my Minnie Mouse Cupcakes)

And while we're on the subject of messy faces... my first ice cream cone!

Just because it's sweet...

More Backyard Beauties - Nasturtium and Calla Lily


  1. Love those cupcakes. Did you make them?

  2. Thank you. Yes, I made them. Taylor begged for Minnie Mouse Cupcakes for her birthday. I was shooting for red frosting, but despite how much food coloring I put in, they still turned out pink. :)