Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birch Aquarium

My Meetup group took a trip to Birch Aquarium this week. Being summer, it was busy... lots of kids. I thought Taylor would enjoy it more than she did. She saw the ocean on our way there and just couldn't get it off her mind. I tried to dissuade her interest by showing her all the amazing things in the tanks...

...but she couldn't get her mind of that "lotion" (ocean). She just kept saying, "I wanna go to the beach." She did recognize Dory from Finding Nemo though. That interested her for a couple minutes. Dory lives in one of my favorite tanks at Birch.

It's so colorful.
("I wanna go to the beach, Mommy.")

("Can we see the 'locean', Mommy.")

These seahorses amaze me! Everything in the center of this photo is part of a seahorse. You think you are looking at a bunch of kelp, but no!

("I wanna go to the beach, Mommy.")

("Can we see the 'locean', Mommy.")

We weren't really dressed for the beach, so I bought her a distraction. It worked. I tried putting it on her wrist as a bracelet, but she wanted to "make it fly".

It was nice to see the "locean" today...

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