Friday, October 23, 2009

Zoo News

A couple weeks ago, Uncle Bobby and Aunt Kristen gave us some extra free tickets they had to go with them to the zoo. Unfortunately, Daddy had to work, but it was still a good time. Taylor enjoyed it much more than when she was 2 years old. She was really interested in the animals and was just enthralled in watching them eat and sleep. The San Diego Zoo also just so happened to be offering free child's admission through the month of October, but it wasn't as busy as I expected.

First stop: the sky tram!

Taylor said her favorite animal at the zoo was the elephant. They have a new elephant exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, but for some reason I didn't happen to get any pictures of it. I think I was busy lifting Taylor up to see them and listening to her talk about them. One of my favorites, however, has always been the giraffes. I did get some pictures of them.

We were lucky to get up close and personal with a couple of lions - a male and female. It was awesome. The male, in all his majesty, was just staring at us, right near the glass. The female laid up against the glass, and if it hadn't been there, we could have touched her. I wish I had gotten pictures, because there wasn't a fence to obscure the view, but I was too distracted by the moment to do so.

Instead, you get a picture of a goat.

I am amazed that Taylor didn't catch the swine flu after using one of the combs that are touched by hundreds of kids a day.

The bears, which are usually sleeping in the shady caves, were out and about.

We stopped for snacks - churros and cotton candy. Upon arriving at the zoo, the first animals we saw were the sea otters, but Taylor noticed a child there with cotton candy, and thus began the hunt for the allusive treat. All the stands seemed to be out of it, so it wasn't until the end of the day that I was finally able to indulge her.

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