Monday, October 05, 2009

Fall is a Favorite

I remember going on field trips to Bate's Nut Farm as a child. It was
a family tradition, along with fall trips to Julian for apple picking.
A lot has changed in 20 years - many more people than I remember.
I guess word has gotten around. But the store and the petting zoo are
still there, and the pumpkins are still growing. There was kettle corn,
and funnel cake, and pies, and of course, nuts. They've added pony rides,
air jumpers, and a climbing wall, but we stuck with the traditional tractor hay ride.
Check it out before the season is over!
Bate's Nut Farm Website

We're growing the bangs out. It's a process.

I just realized how creepy goat eyes are.
Three goats nearly knocked me over trying to get the bag of food.
I was lucky to get some into Taylor's hand before they ravaged it.

There was a lot of whining while daddy was taking these pictures. Taylor wanted to go on the hay ride and we told her she could if she smiled for some photos with mommy. We ended up with a lot of fake smiles and more whining. She is in a whining stage. Hopefully she outgrows it soon; however, I believe it may be payback. I can remember whining at amusement parks as a child, but in fairness, I do have weak ankles, and I would get painful shin splits halfway through a day of walking. When I told my parents my legs hurt from walking, they thought I was just complaining, but really, I still have the problem. Maybe it stems back to the ankle braces I had to wear as a baby to straighten my feet. Anyway, I digress, Taylor was whining without excuse. :)

Since we are talking about whining... something happened the other day...

You know your child is growing up when they start out-witting you. After a full day of listening to Taylor whine about EVERYTHING, and knowing she hates to be referred to as a baby these days, I got fed up and asked her, "Are you a baby or a big girl? Babies cry and wear diapers. Do you want to cry and wear diapers or do you want to be a big girl?" She then asks, "Is Sleeping Beauty a baby?" Remembering the movie, I replied, "Yes, she was a baby, but she grew up to be a big girl princess." To which her response was, "Sleeping Beauty cried with the fairy godmothers." (Sleeping Beauty, the big girl, did cry when she found out she was betrothed.) CHECKMATE.

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