Monday, October 05, 2009

First Face Painting

They've been running a segment on Nick Jr. between cartoons on how to paint your face like Tolee and Rintoo from the show Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. This has had Taylor amazed and consumed with getting her face painted like Tolee. Tolee is a Koala. Sorry if that is not distinguishable from these photos. Kennedy did a craft run after work one day and happened to pick up face paints, which unfortunately did not include black. Who ever heard of a face paint kit without black. They had gray and white, but no black. The manual that came with it even suggested you can make gray by mixing black and white. How intelligent. Anyhow, their gray was too light and didn't show well against the blue, so I had to use purple.

Taylor had been waiting so long to do this (2 weeks is like 6 months to a 3 year old, especially when the face painting segment comes on everyday to remind you!), so she wasn't too concerned with the change of colors. She was so proud to be Tolee. She acted like she was a movie star.

Of course, someone had to be Rintoo! (Rintoo is a tiger. Not sure how a koala and a tiger are friends in China, but the kids like it.) Daddy was a good sport. The finished product was horrid, so I did not take pictures of that.

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