Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Need Your Votes!

Ok, so here is the deal... I created a video for submission into a contest to win a trip to Tahiti. Kennedy has been working so many hours for so long and he really needs some down time. How it works is, friends and family need to vote once every 24 hour period from 7/25 - 8/7. The 10 videos with the most votes go onto to be judged by Tahiti Tourism's judging panel. So far as I can tell there are only 15 entries this round. This means we have a good chance! AND THE EVEN BETTER NEWS IS...

We are the only video that Tahiti Tourism has Tweeted about so far! They told everyone on their Twitter friends list to check out our "great entry"! This means we have the judges' attention! BUT WE NEED YOUR VOTES TO GET US TO THE FINALS FIRST!

You have to register your email for validation to vote, but don't worry, NO SPAM, unless you choose to receive email specials. You can only use one email address and only vote ONCE per 24 hour period, but please vote EVERYDAY. They will void any votes that appear to come from the same person from multiple email addresses.

This video was a great labor of love. I spent many hours making it in hopes of sending my wonderful husband to a place where we can have a room to ourselves. It is the least I could do to honor him for all he does for us. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN OUR CAUSE, PLEASE SEND THEM THE LINK TO OUR VIDEO AND URGE THEM TO INVEST IN OUR LOVE!

Here is the link to vote for our video (voting registration is to the right of the video on that page):

Please note: the video is hosted on YouTube, but voting must be done through the link above.

Unfortunately, you may find yourself reading this message more than once. Since everyone I know prefers a different social networking site, and many I can only reach by email, I will be posting this through every method I have of reaching my contacts. :) I apologize if this passes before you multiple times. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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