Wednesday, July 08, 2009


We found this gem of a sushi place called "Wonderful Sushi". Now, usually a name like that says you are over-stating your product. Put a 50% off sign in front and that says, "word of mouth has traveled that this place is bad". Well, that couldn't be farther from the truth! We went there two weekends in a row because the food and the prices are awesome. We stuffed ourselves with great sushi for less than we would have spent at iHop. And the service there is extraordinary. The wait staff is always so friendly and, even though their English is sometimes hard to understand, they make conversation. Also, they are always so nice to Taylor and try to accommodate her.

The best part was that Taylor loves sushi too! Now, we have spent the last two years of Taylor's life force-feeding her. It's not that she's picky - she just doesn't like to take time out of her day to do something as mundane as eating. With sushi, it's different! She loves it and doesn't put up a fight with every bite. She likes trying to pick up her food with chopsticks (cheatsticks), and she actually did very well at it all by herself. I decided to try the trick at home. Perhaps it would get her interested in eating other foods. Here she is eating her Rice Krispies and blueberries. They don't work so well with cereal.

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